Lobbied to have motorcycles included in High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)lane

Established guidelines for preferential loading on Ferries

Continued victories regarding questionable motorcycle related tickets

Responsible for having May designated as Motorcycle Awareness Month

Established a road hazard reporting/follow-up system for BC Roads

Established designated motorcycle parking in various municipalities

Fought and won against NO GO zones for motorcyclists in Vancouver

Helped establish and maintain off-road riding areas

Helped set guidelines for U-Built motorcycles

Worked with manufacturers to form the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC)

Successfully lobbied against No-Fault insurance

Achievement insurance rollbacks for 2 consecutive years based on results of the actuarial review funded by the Coalition

Achieved the creation and implementation of collector plates for motorcycles

Helped establish guidelines and regulations for handlebar height and modified motorcycles

Motorcycles exempt from emission testing