E-cyclists getting ticketed for no insurance


Adam van der Zwan · CBC News

College student Jason McCracken bought his electric bike last year to save money and, he says, act in a more environmentally conscious manner.

But this summer he was hit with nearly $600 in RCMP tickets and towing fees for failing to obtain insurance — even though ICBC does not offer insurance for his particular kind of bike.

“I’m just worried if I go back to college with my e-bike, they’ll give me … maybe 10 tickets in a row,” he said.

While McCracken’s bike looks like a scooter, ICBC defines it as a “motor-assisted cycle,” which needs to be equipped with bicycle-style pedals, have a maximum motor speed of 32 km/h and an electric motor of 500 watts or less.

ICBC’s website says insurance and a licence are only required for e-bikes classified as limited speed motorcycles or scooters, which do not have pedals and  run at speeds of up to 70 km/h.

McCracken is one of three Victoria e-cyclists CBC spoke to who say the Integrated Road Safety Unit has been unfairly doling out tickets for no insurance.

Kelly Goldbeck from KGeez Cycle store in Victoria says there are far more of his customers than that being unfairly ticketed and he’s fed up with it.

“You can ride them just like a bicycle in the bike lanes,” he said.

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