ICBC Announcement – knowledge tests and motorcycles skills testing


 Starting April 27th, customers that are new to BC, require a commercial licence (Class 1-4) or have a learner’s licence which expired on or after March 1, 2020 will be able to book an appointment for a knowledge test. These knowledge tests are by appointment only and will commence at select locations on May 4.

 If a customer’s Class 5-8 learner’s licence expired on or after March 17, 2020, then their first knowledge test fee of $15 will be waived. Customers who are unsuccessful will need to book another appointment in order to reattempt their test and fees will apply. There is a one week waiting period for each reattempt.

 Starting April 27th, customers will be able to book an appointment for their Motorcycle Skills Testing (MST), which will commerce on May 11. The MST’s will be available for those who hold an existing learner licence or who can re-qualify if their learner expired on after March 1st. MST can be can be booked online or by phone, there is no fee for the MST and if a customer fails their MST, there is a 7 day wait period for reattempt.

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