ICBC Licensing


In the past week we’ve received a few calls from people who are concerned that during this time of social distancing their learners motorcycle licence will expire. They have been told by whomever they spoke with at ICBC that once their permit expires they will have to restart from the beginning, regardless of where they may have been in the process.

Some riders have paid for and passed the written test, paid for an ICBC accredited course, passed the parking lot test and were booked to take their road test that was ultimately cancelled because of Covid-19.

BCCOM had a call with Lee Olley, Director of Driver Licensing yesterday and he explained that ICBC can’t simply just extend the permits of those awaiting the required testing, that it is written in legislation. ICBC is aware of these concerns and they hope to release a statement with some sort of remedy to this issue with in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

Since this is such an uncharted time and these services are being put on hold for the greater good, we here at BCCOM will see what they are proposing and then take it from there. We’re hopeful that ICBC  will come up with a resolution that can fix, extend, compensate (for future payments) and generally help the ICBC customers out that are currently in limbo.