MLA – 2015 Wrap -Up


We’d like to give a BIG THANK YOU, to all who came out from both the mainland and the island in support of this ride. We had great weather a good turn out of both riders and MLA’s for this event. We were presented with the Proclamation from Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

It was a great success, and we received media coverage on 3 different stations and are happy to announce the following information:

Hon. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Todd Stone, announced some changes to the BC Motor Vehicle Act. Among these was: cycle or motorcycle within 6 m of the approach side of a crosswalk if the cycle or motorcycle is

(a) of a size that, and

(b) parked so that it does not obstruct a motorist’s view of the crosswalk or an intersection.

(3.1) If a municipality enacts a bylaw referred to in subsection (3), or a treaty first nation enacts a law having the same effect, a person may park a cycle or motorcycle in accordance with the bylaw or law.

 The Minister said that he was going to “encourage” the various municipalities to change their bylaws to incorporate the BC MVA change. This means hopefully in the near future motorcyclists in all municipalities will be able to park in “corner clearance areas”.

We will keep you informed, on when different municipalities adopt these changes.