Motorcycle Awareness Month



Motorcycle Awareness Month, starts TODAY. 

With warmer weather on the way here in B.C., more motorcyclists will be out on the streets, both bikers and drivers need to be aware of who they are sharing the road with.

Please from all of us here at BCCOM, be safe out there and make sure to use caution while driving.

Some tips for all the car drivers out there this spring / summer:

– Do not pull out in front of a motorcycle

– Use your signals every time you’re about to switch lanes

– Be diligent with your shoulder checking

– Use extra caution in all intersections

– Put any phone or handheld device down

Motorcycles are far more difficult to see than other vehicles, and it’s easy to misjudge a motorcycle’s speed and distance. We ask all car drivers to take that extra few seconds to look left, look right and look left again, before making a turn.

Tailgating and aggressive driving is far more dangerous to a motorcyclist because they have less protection; please give them more space than you would another car.

Aggressive or distracted driving should be reported to the police.

We wish everyone an enjoyable and more importantly safe riding season.