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[11-February-20 18:16:23]
ICBC and the BC Government are proposing to bring no-fault auto insurance to British Columbia and have what is described as an enhanced care model, and in their own words...

Vancouver Motorcycle Show recap

[29-January-20 23:10:55]
Thanks to everyone who came by to chat and join / renew their memberships this past weekend at the Vancouver motorcycle show. And a BIG...

Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2020

[8-January-20 20:02:26]
Come renew your membership at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show January 24-26 20202 https://www.vancouvermotorcycleshow.ca/


TransLink 2050

[19-December-19 19:14:24]
Translink has sent out a compiled report of feed back they received from the past summer after collecting 31,000 surveys with over 4,000 ideas about...

Motor Assisted Cycle and Limited Speed Motorcycle Poll

[10-October-19 21:20:36]
For ICBC’s explanation of the difference between a Motor Assisted Vehicle and Limited Speed Motorcycle : https://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/specialty-vehicles/Low-powered-vehicles/Pages/Electric-bikes.aspx