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Ride hailing licenses

[18-September-19 17:34:48]
Taking mayors for a ride Bill Downey Photo: rrunrrun.blogspot.com The BC Coalition of Motorcyclists hosts an annual event in the spring, when they invite provincial...

Poll: E-bikes and Scooters

[17-September-19 4:35:23]
We’ve all seen the e-bikes / e-scooters on our streets and in the bikes lanes downtown or around university campus’s, they can be used like...

E-cyclists getting ticketed for no insurance

[16-September-19 18:33:40]
Adam van der Zwan · CBC News College student Jason McCracken bought his electric bike last year to save money and, he says, act in a more environmentally...

The Rules of Lane Splitting

[11-September-19 16:36:17]
OPINION: THE RULES OF LANESPLITTING MARK RICHARDSON – Canada MotoGuide I grew up in the UK and rode there for two years before moving to...