Vancouver Motorcycle Show recap


Thanks to everyone who came by to chat and join / renew their memberships this past weekend at the Vancouver motorcycle show. And a BIG thank you to our volunteers who helped spread the word of BCCOM and shared their personal reasons for being a member. Your stories and insights truly do help us reach more and more members each year.

The show had over 31,000 attendees walk through its doors and BCCOM signed up 0.002% of that number. On average we see about 100/120 members from this event and when the attendance numbers come out afterwards we’re always asking why aren’t there more riders want to be apart of the coalition? The main purpose for us going to any trade show is to  talk to as many individuals as possible and share with them, what it is were trying to do,  and what we have done.  Think of all we could accomplish if 31,000 of us stood together when we met with the ministry of transportation or ICBC. Transferable plates ? Yes. Lane filtering? Yes. Better insurance rates? Yes.

We are only as great as the number behind us. Yes you don’t need to be a member to benefit from things we’ve accomplished in the past, but to help up proceed and improve motorcycling in BC going forward we need your support.