Why Don’t Drivers See Motorcyclists? Science Explains Why!


You might be thinking: “That driver didn’t see me because they didn’t even bother looking,” but that’s not always the truth. As a motorcyclist, it’s easy to feel like you’re being bullied by other road users – remember that car that cut you off? Or that SUV that swerved in your direction? – but the truth is that most four wheeled road users aren’t going out of their way to cause you trouble, they simply didn’t see you. And the problem is this: sometimes they did genuinely look out for you, but they just failed to see you. Thanks to a bit of science that has been clearly explained in the video below, we can see that many car drivers can actively look for you, and still fail to detect your presence. But that doesn’t mean that you should go and apologize to that guy who knocked you off a little while back, because he’s definitely still at fault…

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